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I signed up for [community profile] trope_bingo , which was a good idea, since I'm not in the middle of roughly 14 fics and also my 20 Established Relationships (Anya/Giles) challenge also RL and the Willow/Oz ficathon that I'm in the process of trying to create/run. Sarcasm aside, it looks fun and totally doable. Except for the part where people have already gotten bingo and posted it to the comm and I just got my card today, so I already feel behind the curve. My goal is to try and write a different pairing (and, if I'm really ambitious, a different fandom) for each of the 5 squares for my original bingo, instead of just writing 5 Oz/Willow ficlets. I'll see how that goes.

Observe my table:

game nightau: neighborskiss to save the dayaccidental marriageamnesia
fake relationshipau: otherhandcuffed / bound togetherfuck or dieday at the beach
au: steampunkau: historicalFREE

mind controlcelebratory kissau: hooker / porn / strippertruth or dareau: circus
telepathy / mindmeldfusionau: were / vamp / supernaturalkidfichuddle for warmth

Update: I'm 2/5 of my way to a bingo! Make sure to check out my Historical AU  Girl on Fire (BtVS, Faith/Tara PG-13) and my fusion The Precise Art of Balancing Work and Play (BtVS/MCU, ensemble, PG-13). Follow the links in the table to get to the fic.

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I'm having Beta issues. 

I have a Beta who I've been working with, who is lovely and constructive and gives very helpful feedback, but who is currently bogged down in RL. While I'm still working with my current Beta (who's actually not on LJ) on my long, chaptered story, "Collections of Unfixed Points," (which has an update due any day now, I swear!) I'm looking for a Beta to work with on all of the other fanfiction I'm writing, since I really don't want to bog down my current Beta. I've got a number of shorter pieces that need polishing and I don't feel comfortable publishing without a Beta, because proofreading is always better when you have a second set of eyes.

So, if anyone on my F-list feels comfortable Beta'ing and would be willing to extend their services, or if anyone knows any Beta's who would be willing to work with someone new, or even if anybody could point me in the direction of a listing of Beta's comfortable with the Buffyverse, I'd be ridiculously grateful if you could let me know. Moral of the story is, I would just really like to work with a Beta, especially one who won't shy away from constructive criticism.

For the record, here's a quick summary of the fics that I've finished and need to get Beta'd or I'm very, very close to finishing: three Willow/Oz fics (one is a Zombie AU), a just-Willow character study story, three Anya/Giles fics that are on the shorter side, an Andrew/Xander post-Chosen fic, my entry for Winter of Faith, and an Oz-centric crossover with Ruby from Once Upon a Time. 



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