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Title: These Cold Nightmares
Character: River Tam (Firefly)
Warnings: None
Notes: Fanmix for River Tam, who is a force of nature.

i. O' Sister - City and Colour

"But the blackness in your heart
Won't last forever
I know it's tearing you apart
But it's a storm you can weather"

ii. Abraham's Daughter - Arcade Fire

"Then the angel asked her what her name was,
She said, 'I have none.'"

iii. Landscape (demo) - Florence + the Machine

"Cause she's just like the weather
Can't hold her together
Born from dark waters
Daughter of the rain and snow"

iv. Where Is My Mind? - The Pixies

"With your feet on the air
And your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it, yeah"

v. Strange - Tokio Hotel & Kerli
"A freak of nature
Stuck in reality
I don't fit the picture
I'm not what you want me to be"

vi. Grey Room - Damien Rice

"Desole, someone is praying
Then I might break out
Desole, even if I scream
I can't scream that loud"

vii. Fragile Bird - City and Colour

"She speaks in tounges
Her words they come undone, yeah
And with the wayward mind
She struggles through the night"

viii. Ophelia - Natalie Merchant

"Ophelia's mind went wandering
You'd wonder where she goes
Through secret doors down corridors
She wanders there alone, all alone"

ix. It's Thunder and It's Lightening - We Were Promised Jetpacks

"Sit tight with the lights off
Waiting for my brain to start
Trying to work things out"

x. Horse and I - Bat for Lashes

"There is no turning back.
There is no turn."



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